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1-50 of 467 IVA Firms
1-50 of 467 IVA Firms

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  • I have problems with ppi claims paid into my iva freeman jon es does not inform you as to the way t...
  • i9 am with freeman jones and have been for 3 years at first they were good now three years down the ...
  • Wait until they get to year 3 and NTF are never off the phone trying to increase their payments. It ...
  • I must agree with some of the comments I spoke to FJ this morning only to be told that my relashions...
  • Please accept my apologies for the service you have received. I would like to look into the problems...
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A useful site that is free to use and full of useful... - by , 01/03/2008
5/ 5stars

Good Points

Very informative with lots of useful information. A lot of reviews on firms that really help understand their customer service and ability. The reviews appear to be genuine as they offer interesting insights. Didn't really use the the map but looks impressive!

Bad Points

The site is a bit cluttered and sometimes hard to navigate around.

General Comments

A useful site that is free to use and full of useful information about IVAs. If you are thinking of doing an IVA then this is a must use site.